VPS for Professional Pentesters

Public Beta Test Program <Closed>

Currently we run a Public Beta Test program. Its objective is to evaluate the needs of our potential customers and typical resource consumption in order to decide what packages should we offer.

If you are a professional penetration tester, located in a country who has adopted the Cybercrime Convention, and would like to try our BT5 VPS, send us .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) to enroll.

Default virtual hardware configuration is as following (feel free to mention if you need a custom configuration):

  • 2 VCPU (shared*)
  • 768MB RAM (dedicated)
  • 15GB disk storage (dedicated, includes 512MB swap parition)
  • Egress network bandwidth capped to 10Mbps (shared 100Mbps port)
  • 25GB of traffic volume per month (ingress+egress)

*) We limit the number of VPSes running on each server to make sure at least 1 physical CPU core is always available for each VPS. As VPSes are typically underutilised, more processing power will be available most of the time.

Again, we would like to note that our services are for responsible professionals and we will ask all our customers to identify themselves as such. We have zero tolerance for network abuse and other illegal activities. We protect identity of our customers, but will offer full co-operation to law enforcement agencies to the extent required by Belgian law.

UPDATE: our BETA program is currently closed for subscriptions